With the support of the POWER GUIDETM TRAINING SYSTEM the individual will learn to train in the proper position to stimulate the neuromuscular development of the most powerful muscles in the body. People who do not train in this manner may be setting themselves up for injuries which commonly occur such as falls and/or a result of a sheering action when encountering directional change forces due to the knee(s) being forward of the toe(s) resulting in an ACL injury and/or tear.

Five Reasons to use the POWER GUIDETM training system:

1. Potential improvement in mobility keeping the individual more ambulatory.
2. Potential reduction in ACL injury or failure.
3. Potential reduction or elimination in lower back pain.
3. Potential for positive weight loss due to strengthening of the core muscles.
4. Potential improvement in Gluteal and Hamstring flexibility.
5. Potential improvement in muscular endurance.

Developed by John East; MSS, CSCS